NaNoWriMo Week 3: The Second Half

I have officially decided to take the weekends off after melting my brain the first two weeks, so you’ll only see nano updates for Monday through Friday from here on out. I have far more time to write than most other people doing NaNo, so I don’t think that’s going to be too big of an issue. It’s not actually an issue anyway, as I explained last week that I’m going back to basics with the worldbuilding/planning and not really paying too much attention to word count. Or am I? No, really: am I? God, I don’t know. Someone please tell me what to do!

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I didn’t want to pay attention to word counts the rest of the time, going back to planning my novel and doing more worldbuilding, etc., but I really took off in writing today and met my new par almost on accident. I noticed I was almost there when I was just 300ish words out from it and still had an idea of what to write next, so I figured: hell, why not? 

The biggest differences today (I think, I’ve just been guessing this whole time honestly), is that I:

  1. took the weekend off.
  2. figured out a way to get deeper into the world I haven’t 1,000% fleshed out yet.
  3. realized that I really needed to just chill the fuck out and have fun writing what I wanted to write and that I could fix it into something more publicly presentable later if I really needed to.

I started off today by freewriting about how I used to have so much fun writing, how I could sit down and easily tap out 5,000 or so words in a day for a story and barely feel it and still have somewhere to go the next day, how I think I might have lost my ability to do this…all things I had been thinking about last night before going to bed, as well. 

Existential doubt is kinda my thing, y’all. 

Anyhow, I was being all whiny in text to myself for about 10 minutes when I realized that I just needed to have some fun. Find a spot in the story I can jump off of, something that sounds like it would be interesting to write, get into the flow of it, and stop fucking worrying about if this person or that person are going to like it. So I found a good mood altering playlist and did exactly that.

Do I like what I wrote? Honestly, I don’t know; I haven’t gone back to read it yet. Did I have fun writing it? Hell. Yes. 

I didn’t get to 5k in a day yet, but that’s okay. I’m still trying to catch up to my original mental stamina. Though this may never happen because I was in my 20s and hopped up on energy drinks all the time. Ah well. I’ll take 2351 words in 3.5 hours any day.


Today was another very successful day at 2,466 words in 2:11. Not bad! This does include a break in the middle somewhere, but no big deal. Again, I haven’t really gone back to read what I wrote, but it was fun while I wrote it. I’ve been listening to some tracks on Youtube of spooky, atmospheric music to match the mood of the scenes I’ve written.

Another thing I haven’t done is update the post it notes on my closet door. They all are written as though I have three extra point of view characters (I’m thinking of keeping one of those and adding one more through journal entries, but I’m not sure), so there’s a lot that has changed. The point that I actually started this novel is about halfway through the sticky notes, too, so there’s a lot that getting hinted at as opposed to directly started in narrative. That’s okay though. I’m not really worried about it much. All I can say is I’m surprised I’ve gotten this far and have exceeded my new par two days in a row…


I had to say something. Today I only got a little less than halfway through par. I’m not too worried about it, as I had already decided to not worry about word counts anymore, but it was such a short clip of writing this week…

Basically I just wasn’t able to concentrate much today. I settled for doing some more business-y work and journaling instead. A first draft for a new post on Tuesday is ready, too. It’s a bit different than I’m used to posting. I also watched a lot of videos on writing craft and finished reading a book by an author I’ve never read before. I really, really like Jenna Moresci‘s videos on writing, but only just recently picked up any book of hers. The one I started reading was The Savior’s Champion, the first in a trilogy, and it’s amazing. I don’t personally vibe much with romance stories myself, but there is much more to it than that, and was devoured in a few days. 

Words today were 1090 in about an hour’s worth of writing time. With many breaks in between. I did manage to design a church and a religion today as well. For the novel. Though I really wish this church were real, too. Maybe one day.


Today has been fucking useless. I’m going to try to get something done today, but as far as my novel goes, I’ve only written 304 words. My head is killing me and other things have been going on, so I’m going to try not to be too hard on myself, but damn, son. 

It also hasn’t actually been “useless” as I know where I’m headed in the novel enough to give myself some momentum when I do finally get the will to liv–I mean, write–again. I also made some more decisions about the church and the characters involved in that part of the storyline. We’ll see how it all plays out. I’m excited, but my brain isn’t wanting to form words just yet. Maybe I’ll just keep imagining everything play out and have even more material for later. 

I just hope that tomorrow goes a little better than today.


Today was…I’ll call it “medium productive.” I got a word count higher than 1667, but less than the 2300 or so words I was supposed to get. 1688 is the official count. So not bad for a normal day, terrible if I actually wanted to finish this novel by November 30th. Which I’m not stuck on. It would be cool, but honestly I’d rather make the editing process easier on myself than adhere to an artificial deadline. 

Keeping up with the NaNoWriMo speed is crucial to getting a novel written if you just can’t stop deleting everything or you are stuck in the planning/researching phases. Otherwise, it’s better to write in “better than chicken scratch” quality than the lightning speed writing of NaNo. 

I have found that, while I don’t require this in order to write, I make a lot of headway when I have music that suits the tone of the scenes I’m writing playing as I go. There are a lot of requirements in this area, though. I have a sensitivity to sounds, so it has to be a very smooth, even track that is not too interesting. If it’s too interesting, I start to just listen to the music instead of writing, or I get really annoyed really quickly if it jolts me out of a creative flow too often. 

I think I might post some links to videos that I’ve been using later, introduce you all to my novel characters through song!

This weekend will possibly consist of some planning and some worldbuilding, maybe even some writing if it strikes me, but I will try to abstain for my own sanity. Then again, my spouse is taking all next week off, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to concentrate enough to get writing done. I might need to get as much done over the weekend as I can. We’ll see. That might be a future Charlie problem.

How’s your week going? Anyone finish their first draft yet? Have any exciting stories to share or do you want to tell us what your novel is about? Join the conversation below!

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