NaNoWriMo Week 4: Almost There

Huck is a mood.

This week has been a little different mostly because of the holiday. I figured out a new way to approach my writing (at least for this novel), and had a weird turn off/turn back on troubleshooting moment for my brain. Either way, I’m kinda glad this week is over. Back to the regularly scheduled programming on Monday.


As I said before, I’m taking weekends off. I hoped doing this would give me another crazy boost in creativity today as it had last week, but instead I just stared at what I felt was the worst fucking novel ever attempted to be written.

I haven’t decided yet if this is a valid feeling, or just the “I’m a creator” feeling. Instead of deciding, though, I spent two hours trying to fix it, then gave up and started writing whatever. This gets the story on paper that I can fix, rewrite, or burn to the ground later. My new mantra is just get it done.

The results: surprisingly good. I came up with new scenes that do a better job of foreshadowing than I had originally planned and the timeline makes a little more sense now. There’s still some blank spots in my plot, but I don’t care anymore. As long as I know what’s going to happen at the beginning of the next writing session, that’s all that matters.

I’m planning on sticking to the original major plot points, but going freestyle on everything else. This will allow me to stay loose but on a general pathway to the end. Once I’m done with the whole book, I’ll go back and outline to catch plot holes, map out points of view and foreshadowing better, and to make sure everything makes sense. 

That also allows me to think more in-depth about every single scene without that being a hindrance to me getting words down. I can reassess character motivations and goals for every time they appear. Setting scenes will be easier, too. I can add in sensory details as needed or make sure tension is properly built or dissipated. There are other things I’ll be looking out for, I’m sure, but that’s all I can think of.

Anyhow, after outlining it all, I can then plan my editing much better. Knowing that I need to add a scene in chapter 12 before I’ve rewritten the whole book for tone makes each editorial pass much easier and consistent. I assume. That’s what I hope, anyway.

I’m mostly rambling now. The moral of the story is, I hated my book and the characters and everything ever. Then I said fuck it and kept writing what I was writing anyway, and wrote myself into a better mood. So if you hate your book right now, don’t worry. Just keep going. Don’t delete anything: JUST. KEEP. WRITING. I’ll let you know how tomorrow pans out. 


Today has been a weird day. Just the general feel of the house has been…off. I want to say that this shouldn’t affect me, that I should be able to just put some headphones on and vibe to the sounds of creepy castles or whatever the fuck I’ve decided to zone out on that day, but it does. I’m only human, after all, and it’s really annoying. If I could stop, that’d be great. 

But I can’t. So here I am, with a weird feeling day. I managed to write about 1300 words, and they weren’t half-bad, so that’s good. They even had something to do with the storyline, which is great. But it was like chipping through rocks. Now I’m back to the rest of my day and hopefully the mood of the house improves dramatically. I don’t know. We’ll see.

Tomorrow’s been set up well, though. I’m mid-scene so getting back into the zone should be easy. Hopefully.


I have decided that today until at least Friday I’m going to work half days worldbuilding. I’ll be picking a location or two and going more into depth about the people there, the history, the layout, and the feel. That way when I write about something happening there, I can visualize it a little better. I may not even go back to reference what I’ve written, but the important part is that I’ve taken the time to design it in my head.

Today was the church again and the main character’s home. I’m…kinda becoming obsessed with this church, to be honest.

But, in an hour I managed to get both set up and figured out and ended up writing 1,268 words. Tomorrow I’m planning on working on the bar, and probably another place, too. Maybe one of the ritual sites. We’ll see. It’s been pretty relaxed today, with words just kinda falling out of my fingers. It feels nice describing places. 


I am writing this entry on the 27th because the 26th was just…I was a zombie yesterday, basically. I have some chronic medical issues I won’t go into here and they were flaring up really bad yesterday and have been a little more than usual for some time now. When I’m in pain for long periods of time I start to get really frustrated and depressed and it kinda all piled on at once. So I did almost nothing but read or stare into space all day. Or sleep, I did a lot of sleeping, too. 


Today I feel like a completely new person. There’s still some pain, as usual, but it’s at a more tolerable level, and all the sleep and zoning out really got me back to myself again. Worked on worldbuilding some more so the town really feels like a real place to me now. At least, it’s getting there. I really wish I was much better at drawing than I am now because I have the strongest urge to sketch everything out. The buildings, the town, the characters…it would be so great. That’s okay though, I need some other hobby to take part in when I’m not working now, since my hobby was working. I think it’s going to be drawing. So that…I can…be working…while I’m not working…let’s just ignore that part for now. I like living in alternate universes, okay? Can you really blame me? 

Anyway, the plan for the weekend is to enjoy the weekend, but I can’t really guarantee that this is what’s actually going to happen. I don’t know, we’ll see.

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