About me

Charlie is now officially a full-time writer, but has been employed doing such work as (but not limited to) customer service, tech support, prop engine maintenance, and software development.

They have an obsession with crafting new worlds: ones hidden in plain sight or difficult to reach, ones that affect our every day existence while escaping the notice of the uninitiated.

Their journey to be a full-time writer is brand-new (and possibly ill-advised), so they have not yet had the honor of traditional publication. In fact, the point of this blog is to show a visceral and transparent view of the process.

On the way, they would like to help those who have no clue where to start with writing or who feel they have not a single creative bone in their body. For those who write for fun but are afraid to join the professional realm due to all the unknowns: let them be your flashlight into the darkness.

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