Current WIPs

WIPs stands for “Works in Progress” – or I guess technically “Work in Progress’s” but we’ll ignore that. This page has the titles, word counts, genres and statuses on the more promising pieces I’m working on.

In the interest of transparency, many of these pieces are rather old. I decided to write a boatload of flash fiction for NaNoWriMo a few years back, and have only now gotten around to working on them. I have more pieces I started in my Drive account, but they are still shelved as of this moment. I might put those on a page by themselves as a testament to how many ideas either get shelved or scrapped after significant work has been done on them. Let me know if this would be of interest!

First Draft/Outlining

NaNoNovel (no working title yet)

Novel, Horror

The Dudeist Priest

Short fiction

Becoming the Wolf

Novel, Contemporary Fiction


Captain Blackhand

Short, Contemporary Fiction
~2900 words

Harm None

Short Fiction
~2300 words

Innocence Lost

Short Science Fiction
~1600 words

Birthday Dinner

Flash Fiction
~450 words

Second+ Draft

BS-183 (working title)

Novel, Urban Fantasy
~90,000 words

An Errant Crow

Short Fiction
~1300 words
2 Rejections (being reworked)

And in case you are wondering: yes, I do feel a little insane for having three different novels on this page. There’s another that’s been shelved for now that is the beginnings of the sequel to BS-183. NaNoWriMo will probably kill me in the end.

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